Why Use the Expertise of Full Design Services for Timber Roof Trusses and Wall Frames When building Your Home or Project?

Are you set to build your new home, investment or commercial property? If so, you might be wondering about the roof trusses and wall frames for your project. Of course, you need to choose between steel and timber for material and we recommend that you use timber, as you can get so many benefits out of the timber.

Homebuilders are offered full design services for roof trusses and wall frames to match today’s building requirements. Builders today make sure that it is an important part of their service to the building and construction industry.

Gosford Frame and Truss offers flexibility in your roof truss and wall frame design. We are a design expert in the field, using the latest technologies, driven by our expert and experienced team. We present to you our complete designs solutions, delivered to your construction sites across Gosford, Copacabana, Terrigal, MacMaster’s Beach, Bateau Bay, Avoca, Umina, Ettalong, Killcare , Patonga and surrounding areas. Wherever your project may be in these regions, we will be able to provide the service you need, hassle free and without any fuss.

Timber roof trusses and wall frames are important in any home, project, or commercial building construction. The trusses provide the necessary structural support to the roof, so that it will stay in its position for many years to come. These structures tie the walls together, as the timber frames are locked in to complete the lock-up process. This is just one of the many primary steps in building a new structure, whether it is a simple or a complex one.

Our engineers at Gosford Frame and Truss will customise your roof’s design, based on the preferences and needs and on the usage and purpose, for which you need it. We will then construct your timber roof trusses and wall frames in the most logical way, following and complying to all current Australian quality standards. These important structures are factory built, according to your plans and drawings. Once you approve of our design, then we deliver it to your construction site, ready for installation.

Your trusses and wall frames will be finished quickly, off site. You can forget about the “stick building”, which is the traditional way of framing a home, using pieces of wood. That’s a thing of the past. That process will take longer to finish and create many challenges on site. Using modern technology, Gosford Frame and Truss helps you to save a lot of time and money, because of the short amount of manufacturing time spent creating your timber roof trusses and wall frames.

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