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When building a new home or renovating an existing one, one of the decisions you will need to make is what type of flooring system to use. Traditionally, floor joists have been the go-to option for many builders. However, in recent years, floor trusses have become increasingly popular. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why you might want to consider using floor trusses instead of floor joists.

What are Floor Trusses?

Before we dive into the advantages of floor trusses, let’s first define what they are. Floor trusses are pre-fabricated, engineered components that are designed to span long distances with minimal support. They are made up of two main components: the chords (top and bottom) and the webbing (the diagonal pieces that connect the chords).

Advantages of Floor Trusses

1. Longer Spans

One of the primary advantages of floor trusses is that they can span longer distances than traditional floor joists. This means that fewer supports are needed, resulting in more open floor plans and greater design flexibility.

2. Increased Strength

Another advantage of floor trusses is that they are stronger than traditional floor joists. This is because they are engineered to precise specifications, and the design of the truss distributes weight and stress more evenly than a traditional joist system. This increased strength also means that floor trusses are less likely to sag or bounce over time.

3. Reduced Labor Costs

Because floor trusses are pre-fabricated, they can be installed much more quickly than traditional joists. This can result in significant labor cost savings, as fewer workers are needed to install the flooring system.

4. More Space for Utilities

With traditional floor joists, space is limited between the floor and the ceiling below. However, with floor trusses, there is typically more space available, which can be used to run utilities such as electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC ducts. This can be particularly advantageous in multi-story buildings where space is at a premium.

5. Better Soundproofing

Because of their increased strength and rigidity, floor trusses are better at soundproofing than traditional floor joists. This is because they are less likely to transmit sound and vibration between floors.


While traditional floor joists have been the go-to option for many builders for decades, floor trusses offer a number of advantages that are worth considering. From longer spans and increased strength to reduced labor costs and better soundproofing, floor trusses can be a great choice for any building project.

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