Why Aren’t Homes Built With Steel Structures?

Why Aren’t Homes Built With Steel Structures?

Homes can be built with steel, bricks, stones, and timber. But sustainable timber is considered the most preferred material for building homes nowadays because of various advantages.

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Listed below are some of the advantages of using timber:

  1. The capture of carbon and it’s storage by trees – Photosynthesis is the process by which trees take in carbon. If the forest is left undisturbed, then as a natural process, trees that are old die become decomposed. During the decomposition process, the stored carbon in them is released into the air. This process creates a neutral effect on the atmosphere. Whereas most people believe that if trees are cut, there’ll be lesser trees to absorb the carbon from the atmosphere and this will in turn effect the climate and the environment. This is undeniably true if trees are cut for destructive logging. However, in sustainably maintained forests, new trees growing in large numbers, in comparison to the number harvested. Hence, in short, when trees are harvested, the carbon gets locked in them, and new young trees grow. Thereby, the net carbon in the atmosphere reduces, which is great for the environment and overall sustainability.
  2. Sustainable timber has the lowest embodied energy – Lowest embodied energy comprises of production, processing, and transport, from acquiring the tree to making it viable for consumer use, as a building material. Timber requires only minimal processing, as compared to other materials.
  3. Easily maintainable and highly durable – Timber homes are known to be highly durable. Some homes made of sustainable timber are known to last for many years and is easy and cheap to maintain. Another plus-point about timber is that even though it’s used as fuel, its fire resistance is quite high. In case of fire hazards, it’ll burn in a way that is predictable, whereas steel and structures made of other materials may just collapse after it reaches a flashpoint.
  4. Has great aesthetic appeal – Wood blends with the natural landscape of any place and enhances the beauty of the entire structure. It presents an aesthetically beautiful structure, which appeals to the human eye. It offers a comforting and warm aesthetic.
  5. Highly versatile – Along with possessing a naturally aesthetic appeal, it is quite versatile at the same time. The timber from different trees varies in functional qualities, colours and textures.
  6. You can build a structure with timber quickly and in a simpler manner, than other materials – Timber homes can be erected faster than homes build with other materials. The construction process is also far simpler in the case of timber, in comparison to other materials.
  7. The insulation offered is strong – The insulation of a sustainable timber home is much higher than most other materials. Wood is known to have thermal insulating properties, naturally in-built in them. So, this contributes to usage of less energy to cool and heat up a homemade of timber. In this way you can help the environment too.

So, overall timber is a great choice, as a building material. If you’re looking for a timber truss and roof company, then Gosford Timber and Truss is a name you can trust. Call us on 0409 437 201 or visit us at www.gosfordframentruss.com.au for moreinformation.

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