Why are Timber Roof Trusses the Best Choice?

Condominium building with under construction wooden house with timber framing truss joist beam - Gosford Frame and Truss

Why are Timber Roof Trusses the Best Choice?

Roof trusses have been a part of Australian construction landscape, since the 1960s. They became more popular as project home builders adopted this method of roof construction in preference to the labour-intensive conventional roof system. These days, over 80% of all roofs in the eastern states of Australia are built with timber roof trusses.

If you have a new project and can’t decide which material to use for roof trusses, it might help to know that timber has qualities, such as natural robustness, flexibility and cost effectiveness. These factors have made timber trusses the choice of owner builders and construction contractors. They have also have become incredibly popular across most areas of Australia.

Timber Roof Trusses - Gosford Frame and Truss

This popularity is not at all surprising, because there are many reasons why timber roof trusses are the preferred structures by people in the building industry. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • No hassle on site

These structures are prefabricated, so they come on site from the manufacturer’s facility; already assembled and you only have to install them on site connected to the framing. No work that requires backbreaking labour and a lot of time, energy and; can be carried out in the midst of building your project, thus no hassle on site.

  • Design Flexibility

Timber roof-trusses are designed, based on the theme requirements, the required maximum load that it can support and the length of the roof. Therefore, roof trusses are assembled and designed, as dictated by the unique requirements and standards of each and every project.

  • Structural Consistency

Prefabricated timber-roof-trusses aren’t just about easy installation, but they are also about stability, resiliency and durability. In reality, they can retain their position of strength in challenging situations, like severe weather conditions. When you know that your home can hold it’s own, against the harsh weather conditions, you’ll feel a certain level of reassurance and this is why timber roof-trusses are a great choice.

  • Internal Design Element

Roof trusses make for jaw dropping design elements. Plain false ceilings tend to lose their exclusiveness after some time, while prefabricated timber roof-trusses can maintain their uniqueness. Their cottage type feel, will make your dwelling feel dramatic and homely simultaneously.

  • Time Management

Prefabricated timber roof-trusses can reduce the overall time frame of your build in a way that has a far-reaching effect. For example, a house with timber frame and truss can take only six-eight weeks to construct, as opposed to a brick-and-mortar house that can take as long as 8-12 months.

  • Thermal Benefits

Timber has natural insulation quality that can help keep your home warm in winter and cool in the summer months. This can positively impact your power consumption bills.

  • Renewable source

Using timber to manufacture your roof trusses provides an incentive to grow and replant trees. It is a renewable resource, as evidenced by the 100,000 houses constructed from timber every year. It is a completely eco-friendly way, to build your home project. It can also help in reducing your carbon foot print over time.

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