Condominium building with under construction wooden house with timber framing, truss, joist, beam

Why are Timber Roof Trusses the Best Choice?

Timber roof trusses are gaining recognition as one of the best ways to support the roof of a construction project. They are used in a wide range of new buildings and are perfect for self-builds. In fact, roof trusses are replacing rafters as the most common roofing solution. The reason for this is that they offer many advantages, making them the go-to option for many designers and contractors. Here’s why timber roof trusses are the best choice.

The advantages of using roof trusses

1. They are assembled in a controlled environment

Roof trusses are manufactured in a workshop where they will be fabricated to the highest standards and subject to multiple quality controls. This is a quick and accurate way for them to be prepared.

2. They are cost-effective

Though the up-front cost may seem a little high, you need to consider that on-site fabrication would involve more materials and labour costs. Not to mention the greater risk of costly errors.

3. They can be installed quickly

It can take as little as a day to install roof trusses with the right workers and tools. This saves on both time and labour costs.

4. They are perfect for buildings of all sizes

A roof truss is easy to install in small builds but can also span far greater distances than a traditional system of rafters.

5. They are environmentally friendly

Roof trusses tend to be more environmentally friendly than other options. Less timber is involved in fabricating them and there is always less waste involved. Off-cuts can be used for other projects or recycled as appropriate.

6. They don’t take that much skill to install

Rafters require skilled contractors with expert knowledge to tackle the project. Prefabricated solutions like roof trusses can be installed with less skill, and can even be a DIY job in some cases.

7. Roof trusses are robust and sturdy

The triangular shape of roof trusses is known for its tremendous strength, resulting in incredibly solid structures. The webbed nature of the design further enhances that strength, so virtually any type of roof can be supported.

8. They support open floor plans

A timber roof truss can span wide distances, leaving lots of space for an open interior. If you want to make a building feel larger even with limited square footage, roof trusses are the way to go.

9. They look fantastic

Keeping the trusses visible can make them a feature of a room, particularly with oak trusses. The warm tones of the wood can add real character to any space.

10. Fabricators can offer support and guidance

The team that fabricates your roof trusses can offer guidance throughout the process so you will not feel like you are shooting in the dark.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are many reasons why timber roof trusses are the ideal choice. If you’re looking for a timber truss and roof company, then Gosford Timber and Truss is a name you can trust. Contact us on 0409 437 201 or visit us at for more information. We service MacMasters Beach, Hardys Bay, Fountaindale, Umina, Terrigal, Gosford, Pretty Beach, Bateau Bay, Patonga, Avoca, surrounding areas, Killcare, Ettalong, Copacabana and surrounding areas.
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