Where to Buy External Cladding?

If you want your home to stand out, invest in some customised external cladding. The perfect exterior cladding can reflect your unique style and personality, whether constructing a new house or renovating an old one. ‘Cladding’ refers to a prefabricated layered structure attached to the external body of a building.

There are four main reasons why it’s worth investing in external cladding:

  1. Cladding acts as a durable external cover for the building.
  2. It serves as a protection against environmental factors and pollutants.
  3. It creates an additional layer of thermal insulation during extreme weather conditions.
  4. Lastly, the aesthetics of any building or house are much more attractive using external cladding.

You must make sure that the external cladding you choose is not only about the looks; the selected material must also be durable and feasible. A suitable quality cladding will be made from high-performance materials and will protect against all weather conditions, noise, pollutants, moisture, and fire. It must also be energy efficient and act as an excellent insulator for your home.

External cladding comes in many different varieties and can transform the functionality and looks of your home. Many types of cladding are available today, varying in material, color and durability. So, how do you make sure you buy the best quality external cladding for your home?

When choosing your cladding, there are many factors to keep in mind. For example, the environment around you makes a difference. The cladding material must be able to withstand any harsh weather conditions. The cladding must also meet safety and compliance requirements, must be fire-resistant, and help reduce environmental impact.

The most common material option for external cladding is timber.


Gosford Frame and Truss solutions

You can trust us at Gosford Frame and Truss can deliver the suitable cladding to suit your home or project. We have over 30 years of experience in completing projects with excellent quality workmanship and materials. We offer all types of external cladding, from classic to contemporary styles. Our cladding is affordable, hygienic and of high quality. We ensure that we provide watertight surface cladding for maximum protection against outside pollutants, dust and bacteria. This surface also guarantees easy cleaning and maintenance.

Most cladding materials will require regular polishing and upkeep to maintain their looks. After installation, the cladding we provide at Gosford Frame and Truss requires almost no care. All our cladding is designed to be weather resistant and hence does not undergo a lot of wear and tear. The best part about a timber home is that it’s long-lasting and will remain intact for your forthcoming generations.

For a personalised consultation, get in touch with our experts at 0409 437 201 or visit us at: www.gosfordframentruss.com.au. Our services cover the areas of Pretty Beach, Umina, Ettalong, Fountaindale, MacMasters Beach, Killcare, Gosford, Terrigal¸ Patonga, Copacabana, Bateau Bay, Avoca, Hardys Bay and surrounding areas.

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