How to Design a Roof Truss Plan?

How to Design a Roof Truss Plan? Are you in the process of building your new home and plan to organise the supply of the timber roof trusses and wall frames for the project? If so, then you must make sure that before you get started, you arrange everything in accordance with your approved building […]

Need Cladding for your House?

Need Cladding for your House? Are you looking to upgrade the exterior of your home or commercial building? Cladding for homes is worth considering as an option for the external finishes of your home. Cladding is the application of a protective external layer for any building, and the material that you choose will affect the […]

Why are Timber Roof Trusses the Best Choice?

Why are Timber Roof Trusses the Best Choice? Roof trusses have been a part of Australian construction landscape, since the 1960s. They became more popular as project home builders adopted this method of roof construction in preference to the labour-intensive conventional roof system. These days, over 80% of all roofs in the eastern states of […]

The Flexibility of Designing Timber Roof Trusses

The Flexibility of Designing Timber Roof Trusses That day has arrived when finally, you’re ready to build your dream home. After preparing your plan for the other parts of the house, you are now concentrating on the structure of building. This involves the design of timber wall frames and roof trusses. Of course, you want […]

How To Erect Timber Wall Frames?

How To Erect Timber Wall Frames? Want to save time and money in constructing your home or building? Using fabricated timber wall frames and roof trusses is your best option to achieve this outcome. Of course, you will spend a little more time in designing and fabrication, however, the process is faster than the traditional […]

How are Roof Trusses Designed?

How are Roof Trusses Designed? So, you have a new building project coming and need high quality roof trusses for your construction job? Do you want a specific roof truss design? Here’s a tip for you. Gosford Frame and Truss specialises in wall frames and roof trusses, both for commercial and residential builds, being in […]

Timber Flooring Systems – Prefabricated

Timber Flooring Systems – Prefabricated Whether you’re starting a new project, constructing a housing project, or simply refurbishing anexisting building, Gosford Frame and Truss has the solution you need. From roof trusses to wallframes to timber flooring systems we can provide want you need, all under one roof. As a builder or aconstruction contractor, you […]

Looking for Timber Frame and Trusses in Sydney?

When you’re ready to build your dream home, next project or investment property, you can choose from a range of options for constructing the timber wall frame and roof trusses of your building.  For example, you will need to decide on the supplier, and choose between steel and timber for the structures. Many times, a […]

The Best Roof Truss Company Near Me

For owner builders and contractors, framing a roof has gradually changed over the past few decades. When previously they depended heavily upon conventional rafters for roof construction, timber roof trusses have become more popular. More than 80 per cent of new constructions across Australia are using timber trusses as the main means of roof framing […]

Need Structure Design for your Home or next project?

As an owner builder or a construction contractor, you have certain expectations and outcomes, when it comes to the result of your home or self-build project. Designing a house structure can be challenging and a demanding task as this literally sets the foundations for the remainder of the project. For your upcoming home or project, […]

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