A Timber Truss Roof Design guide in Australia

Timber trusses and frames have a vital role to play in the most modern Australian homes. These crucial elements support the weight of the building, as well as provide surfaces for an extensive range of structure covering technologies. Whether you have a new home project or building, an extension to your property, you should have […]

Looking for a Frame and Truss Company on the Central Coast

Have a new building project coming up in the Central Coast? Then you would want to look for a frame and truss company you can rely on and trust to help you with the project. There are several companies on the central coast; however, you want to ensure you find the right wall frame and […]

How Do I Find Trusses Near Me in Gosford?

If you need roof trusses for your upcoming building project and you’re in Gosford NSW, you can stop searching. There is one manufacturer here that has become popular to home builders, commercial builders, and owner builders, due to the great quality of their timber products. Gosford Frame and Truss has earned its reputation for being […]


The wood panel system is now the preferred choice for building material in Australia. Besides, the trusses and wall frames, timber floor panels are rapidly emerging as the popular system used for residential and commercial buildings. This method of structural floor erection is fast, safe and you can get a significant reduction in the construction […]

How Long Is a House Built with Timber Frame Designed to Last?

When you choose to use a timber frame construction, whether it’s your home, commercial, industrial or agricultural project, you tend to get a lot of advantages. Compared to steel, timber is the preferred option in Australia for building homes and structures. Many years of experience have made certain that a house built with timber frame is […]

How to Set A Budget for A Timber Frame House?

Building a home always calls for some decision-making, especially on the design, materials and budget. When you’re thinking of designing and building a home of timber frames and trusses, it’s best to target a figure or budget for planning purposes. If the budget is on the lower side, make sure that your hard-earned money is […]

Roof Truss and Wall Frame Manufacturers on the Central Coast

Once you’ve decided that you are ready to build your own home, one of the first things that you should look for: is the best supplier of roof truss and timber wall frames. If your block of land is located on the Central Coast, you will not have to search too far. In that region […]

What you need to be an Owner Builder!

An owner-builder is someone who can do ‘owner-builder work’ under a permit issued by NSW Fair Trading. What is owner-builder work? Owner-builder work is any work, including supervision and coordination of the construction,alterations, repairs or additions to a property: where the reasonable market cost (including labour and materials) exceeds $10,000, and which relates to a […]

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