What to Look for in the Design of Prefab Frames and Roof Trusses

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What Are The Advantages Of Floor Trusses?

Any building or home needs a strong support structure to keep it safe and stable. For this purpose, contractors usually use one of two components: floor truss systems or I-beam floor joists. Although both are effective, we highly recommend you go for the floor truss option. Floor trusses allow the floors of a home or building to remain stable and secure. With this in mind, you can apply fixtures such as large tiles over the top.

Although floor trusses may seem more costly initially, it is worth installing them in your home as it will be worth it in the long run. A well-constructed floor truss increases the quality of the floor and helps ease the load on hardwood floor, or avoid movement when laying down large tiles. It also helps mute the vibrations when people are walking on the floor.

Floor Trusses

Here are the reasons you should install floor trusses:

  1. Floor trusses are a solution to many floor framing issues. Trusses are usually built, with 2” x 4” framing materials. This wide and stable area makes the floor easy to install. Tradespeople like the fact that a wider surface is available for nailing and construction.
  2. Floor trusses are manufactured in a controlled environment. This means minimal material wastage, shrinkage, twisting or warping. This sustainable choice means that you are helping the environment by using floor trusses.
  3. Homeowners have less squeaks and creaks on floors with trusses. This makes walking on it smoother and increases the stability of the floor.
  4. Shallower or deeper floor depths are achieved using floor trusses. They make the floor more solid and sturdy and reduce the need for other structures, such as beams or columns.
  5. Floor trusses provide an open web design. This allows easier electrical, plumbing or HVAC system installation.
  6. The open web design also offers a cost-effective solution. Since they use smaller wooden pieces for construction, the cost of materials is highly reduced.
  7. Floor trusses do not require any additional support structures like I-beams.

Still thinking if you should invest in trusses for your floor?

The above benefits show why they are the best choice for your home. They provide overall stability for your home, along with ease of construction and reduced costs.

At Gosford Frame and Truss, we deliver top quality floor trusses. Our team’s craftsmanship is unparalleled, and we have more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

We have a team of designers and engineers, who will deliver the perfect blueprint to create a precise engineered floor plan for your home. All our trusses and frames are known for their flexibility, durability and cost-effectiveness.

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