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What Is The Standard Spacing For Timber Roof Trusses?

Before understanding the standard spacing required for timber roof trusses, it’s important to understand “What’s a roof truss?”. A truss simply means; it’s a prefabricated framing member for the roof of a structure. So, here we are referring to timber roof trusses, Timber is economical, sustainable, and viable product. These are multiple 2” x 3” or 2 “x 4” pieces of timber, which are connected to each other, by way of webs to give support to the actual roof, that make up a truss.

This protects the roof from harsh external factors caused, due to the weather conditions of the specific region of the country. Trusses can be of different styles, like a scissor truss supports raised ceilings, while a parallel truss design is used for flat roofs. A truss is designed in such a manner that it’s able to support the roof with the material used to cover it.

Timber Roof Trusses

Trusses are prefabricated and Gosford Frames & Truss pre-fabricates it in their modern and state-of-the-art factory, ensuring that they meet delivery times and at the same time deliver quality products, at reasonable rates. Gosford Frame and Truss is a company who’s been in business for over 30 years, and they have the experience, reputation, and track record to deliver to your expectations, without the fuss or any hassle.

Roof trusses are different than rafters, as rafters comprise of dimensional timber, which is usually in the size of 2”x8” s or 2”x6”s, for the main framing members. Also, rafters are expensive; in the sense it’s due to the dimension of the timber used, as rafters are wider. The maximum size of timber used in trusses are 2”x4 “. Many builders and DIY enthusiasts prefer using trusses, as it comes pre-assembled, and therefore makes your job easier.

Another positive of using trusses is that; it can be designed in such a way that it may fit in the same spacing. This makes the work very simple for the builders, who are in the process of building an entire structure.

How can trusses be made to fit the same spacing?

Now that you know how the trusses are manufactured, lets discover how they fit into the same spacing:

Trusses can be of a higher grade of timber, or of a larger dimension to create a greater truss spacing.

The above point can be explained further with the help of a gable truss design example: A gable truss design that may require reinforcement to acclimate itself to a larger spacing like 24”, can keep the bottom chord from the standard 2×4 to 2×6. This will not create a hole in your pocket, as the price of the truss will only increase nominally for every linear foot.

Nevertheless, reinforcing trusses is only a question of adding 1-2 additional truss webs, in between the various openings of the truss. This may also lead to an minimal increase in cost.

So, in short, a truss is the best choice for protecting your roof from various harsh climatic conditions, and Gosford Frames and Truss are always here to help with the process.

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