What is the Double Pitched Roof Truss?

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What is the Double Pitched Roof Truss?

Are you thinking about the possibility of constructing or renovating the roof of your house? The variety of roofs available in the market nowadays is mind-blowing. The roof definitely puts an aesthetic and architectural finish to your whole house. Moreover, roofs are essential, not only for protection but also for thermo and hydro isolation, ventilation and water drainage. A double pitched roof truss may be your solution. Notably, whatever type of roof you choose, you want to be sure you select the right type of quality roof truss to meet your needs.

A roof truss is a pre-fabricated design, which acts as a support for the actual roof. In construction terminology, ‘truss’ refers to a triangular construction. A strong truss needs to be made from high-quality materials to provide strength and stability to the roof. Roof trusses comprise of several elements. The outer frame is a chord, while the inner triangles are known as webs.

A large variety of trusses exist nowadays. Common ones include flat trusses, scissor trusses, fink trusses and double-pitched trusses. The most common and traditional type of roof is the double pitched roof. Being constructed in the shape of triangles that consists of two surfaces, the two surfaces are joined together with a ridge at the top. Load-bearing walls support the two triangles, which are also known as gables. These types of roofs are versatile, easy to construct and cost-effective.

The several advantages of a double pitched roof truss

A double pitched roof can either be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Symmetrical roofs will have equal surface areas to form the perfect triangle. In the case of asymmetrical roofs, the surfaces differ in terms of length and width. It is nearly impossible to install a double pitched roof, without an ideal truss. Double pitched roof trusses comprise  lightweight material.

Double Pitched Roof Truss

  1. Double pitched roof trusses are economical and very popular in residential buildings. They are also visually attractive and easy to construct.
  2. Double pitched roof trusses constructed at an angle of at least 45 to 60 degrees. They act as effective drainage systems in areas, with heavy rainfall and snow.
  3. The design and construction of double pitched roof trusses can be done quickly, with less effort and time.

Gosford Frame and Truss can help you

At Gosford Frame and Truss, we design and construct the ideal double pitched roof trusses for your home. Our services include the design and installation of all kinds of timber floor and roof trusses. Roof trusses need to be designed with the highest quality timber, to ensure they can bear the load during of heavy rainfall or snow. Using metal sheets and nail plates, roof trusses also need to be held together. All this can be done effectively, by our team of experts at Gosford Frame and Truss as we have our own manufacturing facility. 

To get in touch with our experts and start discussing your ideas, reach out to us on 0409 437 201 or visit our website at: www.gosfordframentruss.com.au.

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