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What is the Double Pitched Roof Truss?

If you want to build or renovate your house’s roof, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the range of roof trusses and wall frames available. A roof certainly adds aesthetic to your home, but it’s also important it carries protective, insulating, ventilating and drainage qualities. Don’t look past a double pitched roof truss – it may be the perfect sort of roofing material to meet your needs. If you’re keen on learning more about these trusses and their advantages, read on – we’ve put together this helpful blog with all you need to know.

What is a double-pitched roof truss?

Roof trusses are pre-fabricated roofing supports, made from the highest-quality, strong and stable materials. They’re comprised of an outer frame, or chord, and inner triangles, or webs. Double-pitched trusses are the most common kind of roofing structure. They’re made up of triangles, known as gables. These gables have two surfaces joined by a ridge and supported by load-bearing walls. These roofs are versatile, cost-effective, and easy to build.

The benefits of a double-pitched roof truss

There are great benefits of a double-pitched roof truss.

Varied designs

These roof trusses can be made either symmetrically or asymmetrically. A symmetrical roof will be made up of perfect triangles with identical surface areas. An asymmetrical roof will have variations in the length and width of surfaces.


Double-pitched roof trusses are popular and economical, making them perfect for use in your home build and saving you money in the long run. They’re also made from lightweight materials, making them an easy construction solution.

Perfect drainage

As double-pitched roof trusses are made at an angle of 45 to 60 degrees, making them quality drainage systems and ideal for locations with snowfall or heavy rain. You won’t need to worry about water pooling and compromising the integrity of your roof structure and of your entire home.

Easy construction

You’ll achieve an easy build with a double-pitched roof truss. Thanks to their design, these trusses can be manufactured easily, saving you time and money.

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