What is the Best Solution to Floor Framing Problems?

What is the Best Solution to Floor Framing Problems?

Whether you’re a contractor or an owner builder, you will be familiar with roof trusses and wall frames manufacturers in NSW. One of these manufacturers is the Gosford Frame and Truss, a trusted company with 30 years’ experience in the industry and among those trusted by architects, engineers and building contractors across the region. Besides the timber wall frames and roof trusses, they are also engaged in the manufacture of floor trusses.

Perhaps you have an upcoming project, and you are currently looking for a solution to floor framing. It might help to speak to one of the framing experts at Gosford Frame and Truss. We will be happy to provide you with the right information and advice about flooring trusses and the best solution to floor framing.

Floor Framing

We design the best quality flooring truss that don’t not squeak, with the added benefits of time saved in framing, reduced waste and callbacks. You’ll also have the great advantage on design flexibility and the availability of open spaces for mechanical and plumbing runs. These are common requirements for the complex and sophisticated building designs of today.

Using flooring trusses offer several benefits, as follows:

  • Reduced material cost and installation time, as there are fewer framing members to install.
  • Flooring trusses are value engineered, so that deviation, span and load efficiency to each build are unique.
  • Eliminates the need for sawing on sites.
  • Provides increased available space for electrical, plumbing and HVAC installations, compared to other framing methods that are quite restricted in the location and sizes of holes.
  • Avoid the need for soffits, which are the underside of an architectural structure, such as a balcony, an arch or overhanging eaves.
  • Maximise design flexibility, by including architectural details in individual flooring truss designs, such as concealed beams and cantilevers.
  • Maximise structured efficiency and speed of installation, due to spacing of floor trusses.
  • Stable bearing surface that is easy to work with and flooring trusses are built with 2 x 4s or 2 x 3s.

As soon as the floor trusses are built from our controlled facility, it is moved to a place, where it can be stacked and banded for shipment to your job site.

Flooring trusses are structures that are highly engineered and very dependable. They not only help in eliminating costly materials, but it also provides great flexibility for design. They have more variety than dimensional timber and can be engineered, to accommodate some details in design, such as higher ceilings, fewer soffits, and balconies, according to the homeowner’s needs.

Gosford Frame and Trusses specialise in timber wall frames and roof trusses that are pre-made and we use only the highest quality timber, when we construct your required structure, including the flooring trusses. Contact us for a fast quote or for further information Call us on 0409 437 201 or visit us at www.gosfordframentruss.com.au. for our full range of services.

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