What Are the Different Types of Roof Trusses?

Model of architectural project - Gosford Frame and Truss

What Are the Different Types of Roof Trusses?

In Australia, prefabricated roof trusses and wall frames have been a part of the country’s building practices, for decades now. These structures are cost effective, certified, and manufactured in accordance with the strict Australian building standards. They also have design flexibility and are easy to install.

Design flexibility means that the designs for roof trusses can accommodate without difficulty; air conditioning units, skylights, hot water systems and other roof features. Trusses can provide space for a variety of architectural specifications, like for example raked ceiling, box gutters and coffered ceilings.

Some builders, developers and owner builders prefer to make roof trusses themselves, while others want to purchase them prefabricated and to be delivered to the job site, usually on bigger constructions.  Premade roof trusses can be manufactured in any size or shape to go well with the designs for roof trusses. Therefore, for more complex roof designs, buying them premade is a good option, being quicker and easier to install than building them on site.

A roof truss is a structure that is designed to support the load of the roof on a building. There are a number of roof truss types to suit all methods of construction projects. Typically, they have a triangular shape, which is a very efficient shape, very strong and stable, which is why they are used to support the entire load of the roof.

There are about 30 or more types of roof trusses and here we give you some of the most commonly used in Australian construction.

Roof Trusses - Gosford Frame and Truss

1. King Post Truss

Typically used for short spans, a King Post Truss is often used in garages, extensions, porches and outbuildings. Many older buildings have open, visible King Post Trusses.

2. Queen Post Truss

This design for roof truss is typically vertical upright, with a couple of triangles on either sides. These are not commonly used these days, because they have been succeeded by the Fink Truss.

3. Fink Truss

This truss type, which has a “W” shape, between the chords has become a very common type; very simple, yet efficient and can be used in any construction project.

4. Double Pitch Profile Truss

This is the type that is used to create various roof pitches, usually in commercial buildings, but in some residential buildings, too.

5. Scissor Truss (or Vaulted Truss)

This can also be used to create interesting ceiling shapes, such as the vaulted ceiling.

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