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What Are the Different Types of Roof Trusses?

Your roof is the most important part of your house build. It protects against rain, wind, sun and more and offers shelter to you, your family, and your belongings. Whatever type of property you’re building, it’s essential to get the roof design right and that starts with choosing the right type of roof truss. The type of roof truss you need is influenced by various factors. You’ll need to think about whether you need a truss that can have an overhang, to protect against harsh weather, as well as the amount of living space you might want available under your roof. At Gosford Frame and Truss, we offer a range of roof trusses to suit all types of houses. Each one has particular qualities that make them suitable for particular types of build as roof truss manufacturers we can adapt and alter designs as needed, but the majority of customers use roof trusses from the following types.

Common roof trusses

Standard roof truss

As the name suggests, this is the most common type of roof truss. It is used on a range of roofs including hip and valley roofs and gables. It can be designed with or without overhangs.

Mono roof trusses

This is half a standard truss and is also used on gable or hip and valley roofs. Unlike a standard roof truss, a mono roof truss can have a top chord offset extension or overhang.

Scissor roof truss

This type of truss has both an external and internal roof pitch. It’s often used to support a pitched roof building that has sloped or raised ceilings. It can be made with or without overhangs.

Attic roof truss

Attic roof trusses are a type of framed truss that has a central void. This allows for useful room space. They work best with a pitch of over 45 degrees so there’s enough headroom. If you’ll be using or storing heavy equipment in your attic be sure to let us know so we can design reinforced roof trusses.

Gambrel roof truss

This type of roof truss has two pitches and is often part of barn-type buildings. They don’t usually have an overhang, but one can be included if preferred. This type of roof truss also allows for the creation of a small living space beneath it.

Bowstring roof truss

A bowstring truss is created from several top chords to give the appearance of a smooth curve. They’re good for large open spaces. The design also means water sheds easily, so there’s no need for additional ridge tiles.

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