Why Use A Full Design Service When Using Timber Roof Trusses And Wall Frames?

Design Service Timber Roof

Constructing homes and commercial premises using timber roof trusses is now simpler thanks to prefabrication services.

Moreover, when enlisting the services of a reputable frame and truss manufacturer, everything is prepared in advance. This provides a rapid and efficient construction process.

Timber roof trusses and wall frames are designed in accordance with your specific requirements. They are manufactured using computer-guided cutting tools. They are delivered directly to the construction site by crane and can be installed the same day by your builder.

Why choose timber roof trusses and frames?

Timber roof trussesTimber home frames have been used for centuries, ever since the method was developed to build barns in agricultural settings. The technology involved in prefabricating these frames and trusses has evolved considerably since those times. Therefore, they are now used in the vast majority of new constructions for framing and support.

Cost reductions: If you choose to go for traditional rafters, they will need to be measured, cut and installed on-site. As a result, there are higher labour costs and lengthier construction times. This adds up to thousands of dollars. When trusses are designed and prefabricated, they arrive at the construction site ready to install.

Greater quality: Our trusses are produced in a factory using computer-guided laser cutting technologies. Therefore, they will are precise. There is always room for error when rafters are measured and cut using hand tools on site.

More flexibility: Your unique design requirements are met when you choose to have your roof trusses designed and made by the same reputable company. Your timber roof trusses and frames are customised to suit the design of your home.

The benefits of using a full design service

Gosford Frame and Truss provide a complete solution for your design and construction using timber roof trusses. Our truss design services ensure the planning and manufacturing is carried out by the same expert team. Our team has over 30 years of experience on the Central Coast.

We can design and prefabricate floor panels,  cassettes and joist floor systems. The latest cutting software and technologies is used to provide precision and quality for all of your roof and truss requirements.

By using our design and prefabrication service, you have your own customised total home package. Delivered onsite ready for your builders, including the frames and trusses for your roof and walls plus your windows and doors.

It makes sense to have the structural frame of your home designed and manufactured by the same company. Therefore, allowing greater efficiency and making sure all of your specific requirements are met.

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