Timber Flooring Systems – Prefabricated

Stacks of boards on timber flooring systems - Gosford Frame and Truss

Timber Flooring Systems - Prefabricated

Whether you’re starting a new project, constructing a housing project, or simply refurbishing an
existing building, Gosford Frame and Truss has the solution you need. From roof trusses to wall
frames to timber flooring systems we can provide want you need, all under one roof. As a builder or a
construction contractor, you need to remain up to date and always aware of products and practices
that can save you time and money, so we know we can help.

When you decide to use the timber flooring systems – prefabricated, by Gosford Frame and Truss, you
are actually providing a strong and secure foundation for the working space of your build. The flooring
systems are prefabricated, which means that they are manufactured offsite, in our own facilities.
They are delivered to your job site ready for easy installation.

Our timber flooring systems are structures consisting of timber floor panels and cassettes that we
fabricate using I-Joists and open web joists. Joists are a length of timber that support part of a
building structure, usually arranged in parallel series in supporting a floor. These are lightweight and
easily installed. Their difference from dimensional timber is that I-joists carry heavy loads with less
timber. They are also less likely to twist, crown, bow, cup or split as a dimensional piece of timber.

The open web joists form an open web design, also called posi joists. They are characterised by the
lightness of timber and the strength of steel web. They also minimise cutting and drilling during the
installation process.

Timber flooring systems – prefabricated, offers the following benefits.

* quick to install.
* the panels “lock” together, thereby giving you a tight floor with no gap.
* the offsite fabrication reduces wastes onsite; also, minimises damages and theft.
* you are provided with an instant, stable, and safe working platform.
* manufactured in compliance with all relevant building codes and standards.
* the custom design allows for larger spans when required.
* decreases the risks of manual handling.
* reduces the impact and potential delays brought about by bad weather conditions.

Floor Joists - Gosford Frame and Truss

The Gosford Frame and Truss team has the experience and skills to, design, fabricate, and deliver your
project on time, without blowing your budget. If you are an owner builder, we can supply your
turnkey solutions, bespoke designs that follow your specifications, and every option in between. Our
service ensures that we will work closely with you throughout the entire process.

We have in-house specialists that can design custom-made connections and details to give you
products that integrate smoothly and continuously, with no apparent gap or spaces between one part
and the next in your build. Remember that our timber floor systems are designed and fabricated here
in our premises; they are prefabricated to give you a cost effective and flexible service.

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