The Best Roof Truss Company Near Me

For owner builders and contractors, framing a roof has gradually changed over the past few decades. When previously they depended heavily upon conventional rafters for roof construction, timber roof trusses have become more popular. More than 80 per cent of new constructions across Australia are using timber trusses as the main means of roof framing and support.

If you are on the Central Coast and you’re searching for a roof truss company; that offers expert design, manufacture and delivery of roof trusses for your  home or project; then Gosford Frame and Truss is one of the best timber roof truss and wall frame manufacturers in the region. Our prices are reasonable, whilst maintaining a high level quality products, therefore saving you money. If you are an owner builder, we can also help, and provide recommendations on installation contractors if needed.

Gosford Frame and Truss is the preferred choice of many architects, contractors, homebuilders, owner builders, along with anyone interested in D.I.Y. projects. We are the local experts in prefabricated timber roof trusses and wall frames. In all our products, we only use the highest-grade timber; to make sure that we provide you with the best quality wall frames and roof trusses.

We are a roof truss company; with a highly skilled team that uses the latest technology and up to date methods required to design and manufacture timber roof trusses and wall frames. These are the reasons why our products are strong, flexible and a perfect fit and one; not to be negatively affected by the Australian climate.  

Below is a list of reasons why it’s best to use our products and services for your next home or project:

We can help you save time and money on your roof trusses, as they are manufactured off-site and arrive at the construction site, ready to be installed. This can reduce your building expenses significantly. Conventional rafters need to be cut and built on-site, which can really cost you in terms of expenses and increased labour costs.

The unique and highly versatile web design of our roof trusses uses small pieces of wood (saving costs) that are linked together and provide exceptional strength. Therefore, you don’t need to rely on the interior load bearing walls. You will find our roof trusses are quality products overall, for the price.

We can provide quicker Installation compared to conventional rafters; that must be built on-site. Roof trusses are prefabricated in our factory off-site, using computer-aided saws and other automated and computerised tools. We then deliver the roof truss to site and lift them onto site with a crane, which can all be done usually within a day.

We offer flexibility of design, which means that your roof truss design can be re-figured to accommodate whatever roof shape and style that you decide to use. This is made possible by the home building technology that keeps on evolving; giving room for more complex designs; for your roof, wall, and floor structures.

As a home builder and a construction contractor, you can also benefit from the fact that roof trusses are engineered professionally; so that the minutest detail of your roof design is done with the highest level of precision.

For optimal construction, quick speed, efficiency, and a greater level of cost effectiveness, choosing Gosford Frame and Truss to build your roof trusses is your best option.  

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We cover the regions of Copacabana, Gosford, MacMaster’s Beach, Avoca, Bateau Bay, Terrigal, Ettalong, Killcare, Umina, Patonga and surrounding areas.