House framing floor construction showing massive solid wood joists trusses
Prefabricated timber flooring systems come with many great benefits – they help you save on installation time, they’re cheaper to make and lay, and they offer incredible stability and visual appeal that rivals even the most sturdy, attractive solid timber floor. But which option’s right for you and your floor trusses? If you’re considering a prefab timber floor but aren’t sure what to choose, our handy guide will help you out.

Cassette Floor Panels

Cassette floor panels are a lightweight, prefabricated timber flooring system, which can be delivered to your site for streamlined, same-day installation. With their instant erection, cassette panels help you save time and stick to the schedule, while also ensuring your efficiency and safety on the worksite. They’re a great option if you’re looking for prefab timber trusses to help speed up installation and cut the costs. As they’re lighter than concrete, floor cassette systems can be set into place by mobile cranes, thus reducing labour time and costs. Their versatile design affords engineers and architects excellent flexibility when it comes to long-span design and varying floor assembly types. As floor cassette systems are made from timber, they also provide great environmental benefits, such as carbon absorption. Engaging a reputable frame and truss supplier will ensure you receive quality cassette panels that are made to the highest standards and that help your construction progress smoothly.

Floor Joists

When you’re laying a floor, it needs adequate support to be able to carry the weight of people, furniture and objects within a room. That’s where floor joists come in. They’re horizontal structural components which pass between foundation walls or structural beams. They allow for any load to be transferred to vertical foundational or structural elements, thus distributing the amount of load the structure bears. Floor joists are, therefore, essential when building your home or embarking on your next project. Without floor joists, your structure will lack the rigidity it needs in its sheathing or subflooring and may even become deformed. Timber floor joists must be made of the highest-quality wood in order to be effective, so you’ll want to go with a supplier who has the experience and resources on hand to manufacture a quality product guaranteed to support and stabilise your property. Your supplier will also help you determine the best floor joists for your particular load, to ensure your flooring is durable and secure. They’ll carry the knowledge needed to assess the properties of particular wood species and the requirements of building codes.

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