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What Do You Need To Be An Owner Builder?

Architect or engineer with blueprints meeting with owner of building house on construction site

If you’re looking to renovate your home or build a new house, then you might be considering becoming an owner-builder. Over 40,000 people in Australia already choose to become owner-builders each year, sparking 3,300 new owner-builder projects every month. To join one of the biggest contributing sectors to the national economy and start organising your […]

How Long Does A House Built With A Timber Frame Last?

Timber Frame

One of the most common questions that we receive is whether or not it’s worth buying a home made out of timber rather than one made out of more popular materials such as brick or block. How long will timber last? What are its advantages? To answer all of these FAQs, our team at Gosford […]

What Are The Advantages Of Floor Trusses?

Gosford Frame and Truss Floor Cassette

Gosford Frame and Truss have a team of designers and engineers, who can deliver the perfect blueprint to create the precisely engineered floor plan for your home.

What Is A Truss Manufacturer?

Gosford Frame and Truss Manufacturing

Gosford Frame and Truss uses the leading software that assists to design Timber Trusses and Wall Frames. DIY and Owner Builder Specialists

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