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Our Design Services

Our design services are dynamic. Gosford Frame and Truss products can be taken apart, reassembled and reconfigured at any time.


Gosford Frame and Truss use MiTek development software solutions for our design services. This system aids structural timber engineering and provision of steel connector products for our floor and roofing systems.

MiTek’s leading software solutions allow our team to provide the innovative design services you need. If you have an architect we can work around existing designs to ensure excellent execution.

Please contact us today to discuss your needs for your new project.

Gosford Frame & Truss Cladding

For modern or classic styles, Gosford Frame & Truss offer all the cladding and timber wall panelling you need.

We are committed to quality cladding at affordable prices and do our best to keep costs down. Don’t blow the budget for your owner builder or DIY projects.

At Gosford Frame and Truss, we provide compatible hygienic wall cladding. Integrated to fit together perfectly to provide a hygienic, watertight surface our design services provide the perfect finish.

This doesn’t offers the best possible protection against bacteria and vermin. It makes cleaning easy too.


Weathertex compatible system of walls, ceilings, doors and floors provide a completely sealed environment. Our design services provide the  solution from floor to ceiling.

We pride ourselves for supplying the best quality products for our clients in Gosford and the Central Coast 

Prefab Timber Flooring Systems

Custom prefabricated flooring systems vastly improve construction safety. They reduce loose materials on site, minimising theft risk and OH&S concerns.

The instant floor system acts as a secure foundation for the work site. Precise placement of the flooring reduces labour time and risk of injury.

Floor Panels and Cassette Design Services

Floor panels and cassettes are modular floor systems. They are manufactured using I-joists, open web joists or traditional joists to meet projects requirements.

Joist Floor Systems

Floor Beam and Joist arrangements can form a supporting frame for for a floor. Beams are thicker and longer and are laid vertically. Joists are typically shorter and lay across the beams to give them horizontal support.

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