Modern Contemporary building with wood cladding

Need Cladding for your House?

Are you looking to upgrade the exterior of your home or commercial building? Cladding for homes is worth considering as an option for the external finishes of your home. Cladding is the application of a protective external layer for any building, and the material that you choose will affect the finished appearance of the home

The option in the different  materials that you can choose from; include timber or wood (natural or modified), stone and metal, composite materials and fiber cement boards. One great way to define a stand out extension or highlight architectural details is teaming one material with another contrasting material, like for example, timber with zinc or render. It is also important to remember that your budget will determine your choice of material, because their prices differ widely. Installation costs should also be considered.

Gosford Frame and Truss has been working in the cladding industry, for more than 30 years now and we have completed hundreds of claddings for homes across New South Wales. With our factory situated in East Gosford, we specialise in both the rural and metropolitan areas. So wherever in NSW, you live, it’s most likely that we have been there and have transformed the external appearances of  homes in the area.

If you’re wondering why cladding has become s0 popular to homeowners and builders, it’s because of the benefits that it provides. For one, cladding increases the mechanical strength of your building. It also offers protection from various elements. They become immune to cracks caused by temperature changes, sunlight, water absorption and any kind of materials harmful to the structure.


Another advantage of cladding is that your building becomes low maintenance. In contrast to a painted surface, cladding does not require frequent and thorough cleaning and often doesn’t require ongoing maintenance. What it needs is nothing more than a regular wash and it will look fresh and clean.

You need additional reasons to have your home clad? Well, it’s the aesthetic aspect that should also be considered, as well as the practical reasons that have just been mentioned. When material is appropriately chosen and used for cladding, the overall look of your building project will dramatically change. It’s also known to increase the value of your home or building.

As a cladding manufacturer, Gosford Frame and Truss offers a wide variety of styles and materials, with timber as a well-known preferred option by homeowners, contractors, and builders and these are the reasons why.

  1. Timber is versatile, so it is perfect to be incorporated in any building design. It can make the face of your building look impressive and attractive.
  2. Timber can last many years, when properly treated and positioned appropriately.
  3. Timber cladding looks great on any building façade; really stunning and blends well with the surrounding environment.
  4. Timber is a renewable material.
  5. Timber acts as an effective insulation for both heat and sound.

If you want to learn more about the many benefits of cladding your home and also using timber as a material source, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We at Gosford Frame and Truss are timber specialists, with more than 30 years sourcing, treating and providing homeowners, with the ultimate timber cladding. Simply call us on 0409 437 201 or visit us at

We service the regions covering Fountaindale, Terrigal, MacMaster’s Beach, Avoca, Hardy’s Bay, Bateau Bay, Ettalong, Umina, Pretty Beach, Killcare, Patonga and surrounding areas.

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