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How Much Timber Is Needed To Make A Roof Structure?

Balancing expenses is a major part of building a home. You need to factor in so many aspects of your design and construction, and it can be easy for things to get out of hand. Clients often approach us curious about how much they can expect to pay for essential elements of their home, such as timber roof trusses and wall frames. We unpack the importance and cost of roof trusses, and how you can make realistic estimations for your budget.

What do roof trusses do?

Timber roof trusses are triangular frames which act as bridges. They’re designed to support your roof by bridging the gap between your ceiling. As a result, they are the foremost structural support of your home, offering strength and durability by spreading weight away from your home’s exterior walls.

How much do roof trusses cost?

Here’s where it can get a bit complex. The cost of roof trusses depends on certain variables, such as where you purchase them, if they’re prefabricated, or if the manufacturer builds them on site. Generally, you should anticipate paying between $200 and $500 per truss – so that’s roughly $9,000 to $15,000 in total for your entire home. If this sounds like a lot of money to spend on trusses, you’ll be glad to know there are things you can do to cut costs. These include: – Go prefabricated: Prefabricated trusses are much cheaper to manufacture than traditional roof trusses, which are often difficult to build and require extensive labour on site. – Factor in your size and style: You might be dreaming of a larger home, and that’s okay – you just need to be aware that you’ll require more roof trusses. This is especially the case if you’re extending or renovating, as this sort of work often requires a complex operation.

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