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When it comes to building your dream timber frame house, it’s important to be confident about your overall costs and to set a reasonable budget. Fortunately, self-building timber frames for homes is one of the most affordable methods of constructing a dream house.

Running out of money for a project or being too stringent on your budget can mean a final build that’s unfinished or slapdash. To avoid this and make sure that you have the perfect home you’ve always dreamed of, it’s vital to set a budget.

So, how do you set a budget for a timber frame house? Gosford Frame & Truss has put together a full guide.

Timber Frame House

Draw up a realistic and detailed design plan for your timber frame house

Make sure you know what you want from your timber frame house. Whether you hire an architect or go it solo, you should draw up a detailed plan for your house. That includes rooms, doors, rooves, and windows. After this, calculate how much material you will need to construct the house.

While the occasional edit of your plan may be necessary, it’s crucial to not deviate too much from the original.

Stick to standard timber sizes

Most timber frame and truss manufacturers will primarily stock Canadian lumber standard and Northern European timber. So, try to fit into these when planning your design. When suppliers can use off-the-shelf materials instead of stocking something bespoke, the prices are kept much lower.

Shop around for quotes from timber frame manufacturers

When it comes to looking for prefabricated timber frames and roof trusses, you ought to shop around. This ensures that you will find the cheapest and best quality on the market. To best compare quotes, you should ask for frame-only costs and also timber supply and erection costs.

Your timber frame and truss manufacturer should be a reputable and trustworthy supplier, like Gosford Frame & Truss.

Assess how much you can (and how much you want) to earmark for your timber frame house

Before you draw up your budget plan, you should go through your finances and what you have available. Then decide how much you can dedicate to this project. Leave yourself a buffer of about 10% of the overall project price in case there are any unexpected costs.

If in doubt, ask around!

One of the wonderful things about the internet is the communities sprouting up worldwide. Find forums of timber frame house builders and ask them questions about setting budgets. You might even get some useful referrals for cost-saving, high-quality suppliers and builders.

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