How to Plan for A Timber Frame Home?

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How to Plan for A Timber Frame Home?

Once you’ve decided to build your dream home, which is a timber frame home, the first exciting step would be planning out the details of this structure and how it comes together.

You don’t need to feel swamped with the thought of bringing this vision to existence, as long as you are working with a reputable and experienced manufacturer of roof trusses and wall frames, like Gosford Frame and Truss. We will take time to listen to your ideas and needs, so you will have an enjoyable experience, building your dream home.

Gosford Frame and Truss has more than 30 years working in the timber industry and our experience has enabled us to provide you with some useful tips in planning for your timber frame home.

1. Plan your home according to your lifestyle. Consider your lifestyle, ensuring that your timber wall frames, and other home components complement your plan. For example, if you are fond of cooking, then plan for a spacious kitchen. If you like to entertain, there should be enough gathering spaces around your dining area, for family and friends.

2. Think how you will move through your home. Going with the flow means considering a flowing floor plan, in which the dining, kitchen and living spaces are not separated by walls, but by heavy timber beams or floor transition. Walls will only impact the flow of traffic, besides giving your home a cramped look.

3. Incorporate large windows for natural light that can lift your mood and allows you to experience the beauty and tranquility of the outdoors. Plan your timber frame home with  large windows to incorporate that open spacious feeling.

4. Get your rooms to complement each together. Design your room layout in such a way that it does not show your electrical or heating system and your bathroom should be hiding the plumbing/pipes, which are real eye sores. Additionally, plan the laundry room, kitchen, and bathroom to be located near each other.

5. Consider the future. Your dream home, a timber frame home, is a great investment. It’s not only for you, but also for the generations after you. Your plan should not only be about what fits your current and immediate needs, but about your future needs and lifestyle as well with your family.

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Gosford Frame and Truss is the name to remember when it comes to the design and manufacture of timber wall frames and roof trusses. Using state of the art equipment, the highest quality timber, and innovative ways to design your structure, we guarantee that our products are a great fit, every single time.

If you’re ready to work to make your plan for your timber home a reality, we would be happy to take the opportunity to show you how we can help to bring to life your vision for a timber frame home. We have the expertise needed for manufacturing timber wall frames in the Central Coast, which makes us the choice for owner builders, contractors and DIY enthusiasts in the area.

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