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How to Plan for A Timber Frame Home?

Are you planning a timber frame home? The first step in this exciting process is nutting out the details of your house plans. Once you have your plans in place, all elements can come together. You might feel overwhelmed by the thoughts of designing and planning your wall frames, roof trusses and floor trusses, but the process doesn’t need to be stressful. An experienced frame and truss manufacturer can guide you along the process of your plan and build. Want to know what’s really involved in planning your timber wall frames and designing your dream home? Read on to learn more.

Consider your lifestyle

Your home needs to accommodate your lifestyle, habits and preferences. If you love cooking, for example, you might opt for a large kitchen with plenty of space to move around and cook up a storm. If you’re an entertainer, an expansive dining area will help you throw parties and gatherings to impress. And if you’re starting a family or looking to have more kids, planning for multiple bedrooms or extra space will mean your house will work with your growing brood.

Consider movement

Spend some time thinking about the flow within your home. Maybe you’d like a seamless plan in which the dining, living and kitchen areas are distinguished through heavy beams or transitions in your flooring, rather than through walls – which can just break up the sense of flow and leave your spaces feeling cramped.

Plan your windows

Large windows offer ample natural light, freshening up your interior and maximising that outdoor view. Plan your home with larger windows to boost that sense of space and airy freshness you’ll love.

Be strategic

When designing your rooms, ensure they complement each other in their overall plan. Make sure your room layout showcases the right features – not unsightly plumbing, pipework, electricals or heating systems. At the same time, plan your kitchen, laundry and bathroom areas to sit near each other for ease of access and practicality. A professional frame and truss manufacturer will help you arrange perfect truss design services, ensuring you’re left with a home that’s exactly what you want.

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