The wood panel system is now the preferred choice for building material in Australia. Besides, the trusses and wall frames, timber floor panels are rapidly emerging as the popular system used for residential and commercial buildings. This method of structural floor erection is fast, safe and you can get a significant reduction in the construction and development costs.

Gosford Frame and Truss creates timber floor panels and cassettes. We use I-Joists which are a length of timber, supporting part of the structure of a building. We manufacture these products in response to feedback from many builders, who are trying to find better ways to lessen the amount of time they spend on the job site, while at the same time increasing their cost savings. Our floor cassette system offers a lot of time saving benefits to contractors and builders.

Gosford Frame and Truss floor Cassette

Using our floor panels is equivalent to cutting out several steps in the process of constructing a structure, even before you receive the products at the construction site.  

The timber floor panels and cassettes from Gosford Frame and Truss are prefabricated. We manufacture them in a controlled environment at our facility. This offers several things, in terms of benefits to the builder, the biggest of which is that the panels are not affected due to bad weather and cannot cause problems during construction. Once we have finished the fabrication, we deliver it on site for installation. We simply employ mobile cranes, to do the easy installation, as these products are lighter than reinforced concrete. Thus, putting up these panels and cassettes needs less skilled labor and manpower, than building the floors on site. It also needs less time to install.

We offer design flexibility and the ability to use the panels for all types of floor assembly, from the ground floor to the higher levels. We can do this by simply varying the panel thickness. We also provide the Australian market with not only new and exciting products, but also with support solutions for the development of timber structures too.  

The service that we offer is complete. If you need it, we can give you expert advice, help you with design and even in the calculation of the value and quantity of the materials you require. Practically you can have our services, not only in timber floor panels and cassettes, but in every aspect, starting from your idea to the final completion. We can supply you with the right products, on time and at prices that are cost efficient. We offer value for money, as we have more services, more expertise, more experience of more than 30 years in the industry and more choices.

Gosford Frame and Truss Floor Cassette

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