Flooring systems

Timber Floor cassette systems are commonly used in residential constructions for cost reasons. They are installed rapidly without the need for expensive machinery. This reduces the construction time and labour costs so they are a highly cost-effective flooring system.

Using timber floor cassettes, along with, prefab timber frames and trusses, allow simple installation. They can  be assembled in a single large panel by your frame and truss manufacturer. They can be lifted into place in a matter of hours.

Floor panels and cassettes are extremely durable, yet only weigh a fraction of concrete. There is also greater versatility in design. Timber trusses can be prefabricated and customised to cover different and complex layouts.

Floor trusses, are sustainable. The timber absorbs carbon and is 100 per cent recyclable. Therefore, you have a flooring system that ticks every box.

Best of all, the installation process is a breeze.

What is the process of installing timber floor panels and cassettes

Timber FloorThe first step is the design stage. Gosford Frame and Truss can work with your builder and architect. We create customised solutions for your home or commercial building. Prefabricating floor trusses to your requirements and delivering to your job site allows immediate installation. Otherwise, they can be stored on-site until you are ready to install them.

A final check of measurements and dimensions is needed before installation. You can install temporary spacers and bracing so that the timber floor panels remain in the correct position.

The truck or mobile crane should be placed as close to the installation site as possible. This will reduce unnecessary movement that could lead to accidents. Inspect the lifting brackets and bolts.  Ensure they are the correct dimensions and have not been damaged during transportation.

These timber floor cassettes are navigated into place with two spotters guiding them into position. Offset strings are used for extra accuracy.

There is no cutting or complex fitting involved in this installation process. This makes it faster and simpler than other flooring installation methods. These cassettes have existing openings, so there is no need to align fixtures for utilities like electric and gas. This means that a cutting out holes for them is not necessary. This process is preferred by builders as the entire installation process is much easier.

Each cassette has its own lifting point, meaning it can be installed immediately and safely.

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