How To Erect Timber Wall Frames?

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How To Erect Timber Wall Frames?

Want to save time and money in constructing your home or building? Using fabricated timber wall frames and roof trusses is your best option to achieve this outcome. Of course, you will spend a little more time in designing and fabrication, however, the process is faster than the traditional brick and block construction.

In the past, all the work from the roof to the walls and flooring were done by carpenters. They measure, cut, and construct your home. Today, most homes in many parts of Australia use prefabricated timber, after approval in the design of wall frames. Prefabricated means that the structures are manufactured off site, in the Gosford Frame and Truss factory, using state of the art manufacturing equipment and modern software.

With regards to design of wall frames, there are always plenty of possibilities, however you need to explore and be able to select the best ones. Many companies offer their design services around Australia, so if you are looking for such services, Gosford Frame and Truss will be happy to work alongside you on your new project.

Our timber wall frames are then delivered, after fabrication, to your job site ready to be installed. We provide with it a clear step by step installation instruction that the trades who will handle the construction can follow easily. The wall frame should be properly braced according to the type of frame, the strength of the wind in the area of the building and the design and size of the house. Bracing shall involve additional elements, such as metal braces and sheets of plywood that will make the structure stronger and able to withstand bad weather conditions.

Timber Wall Frames - Gosford Frame and Truss

The team of Gosford Frame and Truss will make sure that in fabrication of wall frames, all the wall plates, the critical studs, lintels and the different tie downs and restraints will be designed in a way that it will provide the needed support to the roof.

How are timber wall frames erected into place? Well, the platform method is used. This process is where the flooring if first built is used, to serve as the working platform, when erecting the frames. On the matter of whether the frames can be positioned manually or will need a crane to lift it up, will depend on the size of the wall frame.

This type of method of constructing structures and frames off site and delivering it directly to the construction site will let you focus on other aspects of the job. Also, it reduces the construction time, and in turn reduces costs and allows you to deliver top quality homes to your buyer in less time.

Gosford Frame and Truss has a range of pre-designed structures, such as wall frames, roof trusses, and flooring structures. We also specialise in cladding. We also offer customised services, such as designing of the wall frames, that you may also require. These are reasons why we are the preferred choice by most building contractors and owner builders in many areas of Australia.

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