How to Design a Roof Truss Plan?

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How to Design a Roof Truss Plan?

Are you in the process of building your new home and plan to organise the supply of the timber roof trusses and wall frames for the project? If so, then you must make sure that before you get started, you arrange everything in accordance with your approved building plans. If you’re an owner builder then also need to ensure that you engage an experienced manufacturer and supplier to assist through the process of manufacture, supply and installation.

If you unsure of the process, it may be best to engage an experienced and skilled manufacturer of roof trusses to avoid problems and mistakes. They fabricate it and set it all up, at your construction site.

Gosford Frame and Truss is a well-known manufacturer of prefabricated timber roof trusses in NSW, Australia.

Timber roof trusses is a structure framework that is designed, to logically connect the space above a room and provide support for the roof. These are engineered configurations of timber products, which can hold the weight of the roof’s finished items. Some people refer to trusses as rafters, but basically it is the roof skeleton that carries the weight of the frame and supports the walls of your house. Trusses prevent the walls from flexing and bending, especially in homes that have more than two stories.

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Besides fabricating your trusses, we also offer our service to design your roof trusses. We can provide you with the simplest or even the most complex roof truss design, using MiTek’s design software. We can analyse all girder brackets, timber connectors and hold down requirements, to the most practical and cost effective solutions.

In the design of roof trusses, you need to input your truss plan and you can view it in 3D, so that you can see how it is all coming together. It doesn’t matter, whether your plan is simple or complex; what matters is that the MiTek software is capable of modelling the roof shape exactly, as well as distributing the loads. With this software solution, we can give you the innovative and dynamic design that you want.

Roof trusses provide two main advantages. The first is that they are factory built or pre manufactured, so they do not need a large workforce, in relation to output. This is better than when you form and install a roof support system onsite. The second advantage is that roof trusses can span large distances, without requiring any centre support.

The design of timber roof trusses is such that it connects with galvanized metal plates and forms a triangular shape. Timber is commonly used for trusses in Australia most of the time because it is easy to work with and also reliable. Other materials used for roof trusses include aluminum or steel. Most of the time, the project’s budget dictates the material to use for roof trusses.

When building trusses, Gosford Frame and Truss always makes sure that we comply with all architectural and building specifications. Contact us now on 0409 437 201, if you need a fast and free quote or to speak to one of our experts, to walk you through the fabrication of roof trusses.

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