How Much Timber Is Needed To Make A Timber Roof Structure?

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How Much Timber Is Needed To Make A Roof Structure?

Finally, your dream house is ready to be constructed. Are you thinking of building it yourself, becoming an owner builder then you will need some help in fabricating the timber wall frames and roof trusses? If so, then before you get started, ensure that you have everything that you need, such as the materials and the right supplier to provide what you need.

When constructing the roof truss structure, you will need 2” x 4” dimensional timber and you will need to use a web of 2” x 4” for support and strength. This should support a chord or ceiling that weighs 10-12 pounds per square foot. When it comes to the question of how much timber you will need to make a roof structure, the answer will depend on some other information. Are you building a 2,500 square feet home or something smaller? The amount of timber will be dictated by the size of your building.

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Besides the 2” x 4” timber, the other materials needed would be galvanised steel connector plate (gusset plates), 1-1/2” screws and 3” deck screws. You will also need to choose the type of timber that will be ideal for your roof truss; will this be seasoned fir, red cedar, or yellow pine?

After all these considerations, the question now is, are you sure that you can ably build your roof truss structure yourself once the prefabricated equipment is delivered to site? So, it’s important f you find a local timber truss manufacturer to fabricate and set the roof truss structure up.

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