How Long Is a House Built with Timber Frame Designed to Last?

When you choose to use a timber frame construction, whether it’s your home, commercial, industrial or agricultural project, you tend to get a lot of advantages. Compared to steel, timber is the preferred option in Australia for building homes and structures. Many years of experience have made certain that a house built with timber frame is safe, consistently high quality and well understood, especially by designers, builders and DIY’s.  

Timber frame is hard wearing and durable, which means that it can withstand pressure, wear and damage. When used on a home or project, most manufacturers give a “guarantee” that the frame will last for 25 to 30 years. However, in Australia, you can find timber framed houses that are over 100 years old. Perhaps, that is due to the fact that these house, besides being built with strong timber, were installed with termite barriers, to keep termites out, or it could be that the timber used has been treated to hold out against termite attack.

If you’re on the Central Coast and looking for a manufacturer and supplier of timber roof trusses and wall frames for your new project, check out the Gosford Frame and Truss. We have been in this business for over 30 years and all our timber has been certified, which means that these materials have been produced and acquired in an environmentally sustained and responsible manner.

Our timber roof trusses and wall frames maintain their structural integrity for a long period of time. It is protected by cladding- often plasterboard on the interior and brick on the exterior. These materials are stable and strong. It will not contract or expand when the temperature changes in a harsh environment. Gosford’s framing systems are prefabricated. We build them off site and set them up on the construction site. In cases, where there are last minute changes, we have carpenters to make the variations and they all have the necessary tools that they will need. Our timber roof trusses and wall frames can be assembled quickly and are easy to alter and change. Timber is an easy material to work with, regardless of whether you want to remove an existing frame or add more timber or both. Please contact us for a fast quote today. It is an obligation free and you are under no commitment to make a decision whatsoever. Call us on 02 4322 8034 and we can discuss your needs for your new home project. You can also visit us on

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We are confident that our business can save you time and money on your timber wall frames, trusses and related products. We service the regions covering Gosford, Copacabana, Terrigal, MacMasters Beach, Avoca, Bateau Bay, Ettalong, Umina, Killcare, Patonga and surrounding areas.