How Do I Find Trusses Near Me in Gosford?

Roof frame construction under cloudy blue sky

If you need roof trusses for your upcoming building project and you’re in Gosford NSW, you can stop searching. There is one manufacturer here that has become popular to home builders, commercial builders, and owner builders, due to the great quality of their timber products. Gosford Frame and Truss has earned its reputation for being the best of its kind in craftsmanship and trustworthiness.

We are a local manufacturer in Gosford. Working with us means that you are supporting our products, which can help the economy of the community and create more local jobs. These days, timber roof trusses and wall frames have been standardised to comply to the building requirements in Australia.  While previously these timber products were assembled on-site, today you can order these to be prefabricated (and customised, as well) and delivered to the job site ready for setting up.

Gosford Frame and Truss uses only high quality, termite-treated timber. Our saws are computerized to ensure that cuts are accurate. We have an experienced and qualified team using the latest software for your building requirements. Putting these specifics together means that our manufactured timber products speak of quality and consistency.

Gosford Frame and Truss Roof Truss

We are proud to announce that our timber roof trusses and wall frames are becoming increasingly popular; to owner builders as well as home and commercial builders. Our wall frames offer many advantages, such as time saving, lightweight, less site theft and no timber wasted in error. Our roof trusses, on the other hand are designed individually, by experienced designers; who prepare detailed construction plans. 

Our roof trusses are engineered specifically to accommodate heavy loads. These prefabricated timber products are light weight and so are easy to handle and install. We deliver your order using heavy duty crane trucks and depending on our agreement, we will lift the truss to the top plate for erection. The setting up time is very short, so you can save a lot of time and money in constructing your project.  It is not like those times, when you use the traditional method of building a house, when you start from the ground up.  

Our state-of-the-art computer software allows our products, to meet the current Australian standards. We always believe in quality and punctuality, so that all orders are being manufactured and delivered on time and in a manner that conforms with your building timetable. It has always been our policy to work with your schedule. Our timber roof trusses and wall frames are becoming the most preferred option for building homes in Gosford and the neighboring areas. You do not have to search far and wide to find the roof trusses, as we are located near you.

Gosford Frame and Truss Roof Truss

For your next building project, please get in touch and let’s discuss; why you should use Gosford frames and roof trusses and how we can make a difference to your next build. Contact us for a fast quote on 02 4322 8034 or visit us

We serve all regions covering Gosford, Copacabana, Terrigal, MacMasters Beach, Avoca, Bateau Bay Ettalong, Umina, Killcare, Patonga and surrounding areas.