How do I find a Roof Truss Manufacturer Near Me?

Wood framing on a new house under construction

If you’re in the construction industry, nothing can beat the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the roof of your building project will remain undamaged during bad conditions, such as extreme temperature and inclement weather. One contributor to the strength of your roof is a prefabricated timber roof trusses, which are easy to install and can save you time and labour costs. These trusses are also exact and accurate, because they are manufactured in the factory using; custom-made tools or jigs, so there is no unnecessary concern on site.

If you’re looking for timber truss manufacturer in NSW, Gosford Frame and Truss is easy to find.  We are well known to many owner builders and small construction companies in the region. 

Once you are supplied with our trusses and other timber products, you will quickly discover the benefits of doing business with us. This is the reason why Gosford Frame and Truss is welcomed by leading builders across Australia.

Timber frames and trusses are commonly used in Australian homes. We manufacture them in standard sizes and we can also customize them, according to your requirements. Whether the home that you are building has a simple or complicated design, we can provide and build to your needs.

This timber truss manufacturer in NSW uses only the highest quality timber; in producing all our wall frames and roof trusses. When you deal with us, you get our assurance that our products are not only a perfect fit, but that they remain that way, even with the harsh climate of the region.

All our prefabricated timber products are engineered to be strong, yet flexible and it has an extended life span. All these products; are built with certified timbers and in accordance with the Australian standards.

Some advantages of our timber roof trusses include;

–  designed and engineered to the highest industry standards

–  manufactured from the best timber

–  unlimited roof design capability

–  crane capability on site for efficient, quick and safe installation and some more.

Gosford Frame and Truss is Australia’s leading timber truss manufacturer, specialising in structures, such as frames, trusses, and floor panels. We take pride in our efficiency and reliability, which has made us the prefabricator of choice; for the building industry across Australia.

Gosford Frame and Truss Homes

Our staff are the best in everything that they do. They are experienced, willing, and ready to assist our customer builders in achieving the best prefabrication solutions. We have specialist estimators and experienced detailers that use a great variety of their skill sets, for an outcome that delivers the best quality.

As a timber truss manufacturer, we offer to you – a complete service, including all the aspects of estimating or detailing for each of your projects. Our passion and dedication have placed us at the forefront of innovation and excellence in the industry, and this position we have consistently maintained.

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We service Gosford, Copacabana, Terriggal, MacMasters Beach, Avoca, Bateau Bay, Ettalong, Umina, Killcare, Patonga and the surrounding areas.