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A prefabricated timber wall frame helps owners and building contractors save time on construction projects. Although design and manufacture might take longer for prefabricated options, erecting pre-made timber wall frames is an efficient process that will allow a construction job to move forward smoothly. Interested in how best to install a wall frame on your site, and what you might need to consider during the process? Read on for our helpful information.

Factors to consider

The amount of time it will take to erect your wall frame will depend on various factors, including the weather, the experience and size of the working team, the complexity of the frame, and the size of the project. If a wall frame is pre-assembled and a crew is organised, erecting the structure can take one or two days. Inclement weather or complex, laborious, or custom installation done on site instead of in a workshop could see the erection process take months to complete. A prefabricated wall frame means a much more efficient construction project. Traditionally, wall frames were measured, cut and manufactured on site. These days, they are usually cut and assembled in a workshop and delivered to the site, meaning the fabrication can occur while other important works in the construction process take place simultaneously. areas.

Before erecting the frame

Before any erection work takes place, it’s important workers brace the frame appropriately and in accordance with its type, the size and design of the property, and the strength of the wind in the surrounding area. Bracing involves applying plywood, metal braces, or other elements to strengthen your building’s structure so that it can stand strong against rough weather conditions.

Erecting the frame

Timber wall frames are erected using the platform method. This involves building the floor of the structure first. As the floor acts as the building platform, the frames can easily be erected on top. Depending on the size of the frames, they may be able to be erected manually or may require a crane in order to be set into place.


Once the frames are erected, the roof trusses of the structure can then be installed. Sliding doors and windows are also generally installed once the framing has been completed, but this will depend on the builder and the particular type of windows or structure. Some buildings benefit from exterior cladding being installed before the windows, while in others it makes more sense to set the window and door frames in place before the external cladding and glazing work is done.

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