How are Roof Trusses Designed?

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How are Roof Trusses Designed?

So, you have a new building project coming and need high quality roof trusses for your construction job? Do you want a specific roof truss design? Here’s a tip for you. Gosford Frame and Truss specialises in wall frames and roof trusses, both for commercial and residential builds, being in the building industry, for over 30 years now. Not only do we manufacture right here in Australia we also supply or install, as we all as providing a full design service.

All members of our professional team are experts in the design of roof trusses and will be more than happy to provide you with anything you need. Every roof truss that we supply is engineered and prefabricated, based on your specific requirements for your project.

Our design of roof trusses will be based on factors, such as inclement weather, the stresses of extreme weather and temperature, space availability for architectural design and your budget. Also included are meeting stringent safety standards and other criteria, such as the provision for hot water services and any other services. These are the challenges we set for our design engineers.

The Gosford Frame and Truss design of roof trusses are achieved by using advanced computer drafting and design system, supported by the professional engineers of MiTek. Mitek design apps; offer automatic structural design and verification, according to the national design standards.

On small projects, like residential buildings, you can provide us your full working details, direct from your own computer system and we can work from there. For complex projects, our professional engineering team will collaborate with MiTek team, to prepare working drawings, with all the truss designs, connection details and pricing. The MiTek roof truss design software has long been a popular and widely used design package in Australia. It can be configured so easily, which is why, we are confident we can meet your requirements.

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The automatic roof framing routines and great tools for editing, will allow you to make manual comprehensive edits, including design of roof truss and wall frames, regardless of how simple or complex the design could be.

Our experienced team of professional and qualified engineers can customise your roof truss design, depending on the purpose or application you need.

One more thing that we are proud of is, that our roof trusses are prefabricated. They are manufactured in our facilities in Australia, in a controlled environment; thus, contributing to the improvement of your construction speed. We can produce your roof trusses, at any time of the day and in any weather. The pieces of timber are stored safely in our factory, completely protected from the outside elements, ensuring high quality finished products delivered direct to site.

Once we have completed the design of the roof trusses, finished the manufacturing process, and delivered them to your site, you will easily discover its all the other benefits. Our roof trusses are quick and easy to install and they can save you money, in terms of time and labour costs. Moreover, these structures are accurate, as they won’t cause any fuss on site, as they are cut, using precision jigs and equipment.

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