How Are Floor Joists Attached To The Wall Frames?

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How Are Floor Joists Attached To The Wall Frames?

Getting ready to build your dream home or next project? That’s Great news. Every project has its own requirements, so the first thing that you should consider is to get help and guidance from a manufacturer of timber roof trusses and wall frames. They can provide you with the, what’s and the how’s of construction, that you will need for your project.

For example, in the course of construction you’ll come across floor joists. As a builder or an owner builder, you must be familiar with the term, but for some who are new to the trade, floor joists are horizontal pieces of wood that span from beam to beam, wall to beam and wall to wall. Usually these are incorporated into a floor framing system to give rigidity to the sheathing or outer covering of the sub floor. They can also help in resisting deformation, due to load.

What needs to be done to attach the floor joists to the wall frames, is that you should bolt the foundation to the sill of the plate and fasten it, by driving nails through it indirectly or at an angle. The plate of the sill is the board that is laid directly on top of the wall of the foundation. The plate of the sill is bolted to the wall of the foundation; using anchor bolts or joist hangers. If you find the work complicated, there’s nothing wrong asking for help from a skilled and experienced manufacturer of timber roof trusses and wall frames.

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