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Anyone who is in the process of building a new home from scratch, has probably heard about the importance of frames and trusses. Your building contractor will tell you that frames and trusses are possibly the most important parts of any building. But, when it comes down to it, what are they? And why should you choose prefabricated frames and trusses instead of going the more traditional route? To learn all the important details you need to know about wall frames and roof trusses, read on.

What are trusses?

Wall trusses are wooden structures that are used to support the roof and ceiling. Trusses often come in a web-like design that utilises tension and compression to create strong components that can withstand plenty of tension in the home. Trusses can be crafted and configured into multiple different designs so there will be appropriate options for any home or building.

What are frames?

Wall frames in your home are designed to support the ceiling and roof of your home. Their construction includes a fixing point for wall sheeting such as the vertical and horizontal sections of exterior walls and interior partitions. These fixing points can also support studs, wall plates and lintels.

Why should you choose prefabricated roof trusses and wall frames?

You may be wondering if there is any benefit to choosing prefabricated roof trusses and wall frames, (https://gosfordframentruss.com.au/products-at-gosford-frame-and-truss/) instead of having them built on-site. Prefabricated trusses and frames offer many benefits to your build, including:

• Less waste – when timber frames and trusses are expertly manufactured in a specialised factory, the methods that are used to craft them results in significantly less timber waste. This is a much more eco-friendly option than having them built traditionally
• Quicker installation – prefab timber trusses and frames are delivered to your build site already constructed. This means that once they arrive on-site they are ready to be lifted and installed, resulting in a much quicker turnaround time. Traditionally, trusses and frames that are built on-site can often be the most complicated and time-intensive aspects of your home build.
• More cost-effective – trusses and frames (https://gosfordframentruss.com.au/) that are prefabricated are a much more cost-effective way of building your home. This is due to less wasted materials and the fact that you won’t have to hire experts to craft them from hand.
• Less on-site hassle – building frames and trusses on-site are going to prevent a significant amount of on-site hassle. Trusses and frames are often incredibly large. Trying to build these in the middle of a building site is not only difficult, but it can cause numerous delays and other issues.

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