Design of Roof Trusses

Wood Roof Trusses viewed from inside of new home looking out to a blue sky above

Design of Roof Trusses

Whether you are an owner builder, a DIY renovation enthusiast or a contractor, with an upcoming project on the Central Coast, you want to make sure you select the right supplier of timber roof trusses and wall frames of the highest quality. Gosford Frame and Truss is a trusted and proven supplier in the region and beyond, not only for their quality products, but also for reasonable and cost-effective prices.

Our services include fabrication and installation of the timber structures, but we can also offer you design services for your roof trusses, wall frames, floor trusses and timber cladding.

Gosford Frame and Truss has a team of experts, who always work to find innovative ways in the designing of roof trusses, hence they always fit your requirements.

Timber roof trusses are a configuration of timber members, designed to hold the weight of the finishing roof materials and the ceiling, as well as the snow load that may happen in some areas of Australia. These are good alternatives to conventional roof framing methods, as they can be prefabricated and designed in many different shapes and sizes.

Roof truss members are joined together with nail plates, which are sheet metals, specially designed with perforations nail plates, which come in different sizes  determined by us, as your roof truss manufacturer.

These structures are factory built, so they are less labour intensive. They can also span great distances, without the need for any centre support. The trusses are quicker to construct and meet local and state building codes.

Depending on your requirement or if you have a design idea, which does not follow traditional forms, you can speak to us at Gosford Frame and Truss, to see if it is possible to bring your ideas to reality. Consulting with us will help, because you can make sure that the trusses and your structure will be designed for the roof application that it is intended, for the geographical location and that it will meet all the pertinent building codes.

Roof Trusses

In our design services, we use the MiTek 20/20 roof truss engineering software, which is the most popular and widely used design package in the industry. The MiTek layout allows us to frame accurately for the precise fit, to be able to check the measurements of all the components and to prepare the complete details of erection.

Trusses designed from MiTek software follow various building codes. The design of roof trusses is prepared, using advanced design and drafting system and supported by the MiTek’s team of professional engineers.

If you’re building a residential dwellings, we can supply you with full working drawings, directly from our own computer system. However, for large and complex building projects, we will be aided by the professional engineers of MiTek, in providing the full working drawings, with all the connection details, truss designs and bracing.

If you’re interested in utilising our services on your building design project, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a fast quote on 0409 437 201 or if you want to learn more about our products and services before you make a decision, please visit us at

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