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What Is A Truss Manufacturer?

Prefab frames and trusses Gosford Frame and Truss Manufacturing

Gosford Frame and Truss uses the leading software that assists to design Timber Trusses and Wall Frames. DIY and Owner Builder Specialists

What is the Double Pitched Roof Truss?

Roof Truss

Gosford Frame and Truss, can design and construct the ideal double pitched roof trusses for your home. Get services include design and installation of all kinds of timber floor and roof trusses.

Design of Roof Trusses

Wood Roof Trusses viewed from inside of new home looking out to a blue sky above

Gosford Frame and Truss has a team of experts, who always work to find innovative ways in the designing of roof trusses. Get prefabricated and designed in many different shapes and sizes.

How to Design a Roof Truss Plan?

Engineered wood floor joist on a new custom house framing floor joists

Are you in the process of building your new home and plan to organise the supply of the timber roof trusses? Do you need a to design roof truss plan.

How are Roof Trusses Designed?

Timber frame house, real estate

How are Roof Trusses Designed? So, you have a new building project coming and need high quality roof trusses for your construction job?

Frames and Truss NSW

A stick built house under construction New build roof with wooden truss, post and beam framework.

You’ve got a new building project coming up, so here’s a big congratulations! Whether you’re an owner builder, building contractor, or renovation enthusiast, there are things to consider.

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