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A Step-by-Step DIY Guide to Assembling Timber Frames and Trusses in Wyong

Wooden Frame Trusses, White brick floor & walls. Chimmney, Scaffolding in a suburban Neighbourhood

If you’re a hands-on Owner Builder or DIY enthusiast in Wyong, learning how to assemble timber frames and trusses can be an exciting and rewarding project. Timber frames and trusses are essential components in constructing sturdy and durable buildings, and by mastering the assembly process, you can ensure the structural integrity of your project. This […]

Where to Buy External Cladding?

Gosford Frame and TrussCladding

Gosford Frame and Truss all types of external cladding, from classic to contemporary styles. Get watertight surface cladding, for maximum protection against outside pollutants, dust and bacteria.

Need Cladding for your House?

Modern Contemporary building with wood cladding

Need Cladding for Your House? Gosford Frame and Truss offers a wide variety of styles and materials, with timber also completed hundreds of claddings for homes across New South Wales.

Are you thinking about Cladding your home?

Background texture of a white painted wooden wall

Are you thinking about cladding your home? Well, it’s a smart move, as it means an immediate facelift to your home, not to mention the value it will add to the property.

How do they make timber cladding

Wood paneling background texture

TImber Cladding not only makes the outside of your home look great its a more technical and interesting process.Watch our video to see how cladding its made

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