Are Timber Frame Homes Environmentally Friendly?

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Are Timber Frame Homes Environmentally Friendly?

Looking for a builder of timber frame homes in Gosford or the surrounding areas? But why choose timber? Perhaps you want to integrate the aesthetics of timber with the old-world style feel of your home. Another reason might be the benefits that come from building a timber frame home. The most important reason is, it’s energy efficient.

You might be considering building a home that’s mindful of the environment. In short, you want a green home, where you can live comfortably. A home with timber wall frames is friendly to the environment.

Timber Frame Homes - Gosford Frame and Truss

The benifits of timber frame homes

So which manufacturer would you choose? If your project is in Gosford or surrounding areas, you can contact Gosford Frame and Truss. Experts in building timber structures. We only use timber in our construction jobs, here are the reasons why:

  • Timber wall frames is what most of our clients ask for when building their homes.
  • Timber grows naturally. It is renewable and sustainable.
  • As trees grow and mature and are harvested, new ones are planted in their place. There are also studies that in terms of embodied energy, resource use and global warming, timber is better for the environment than concrete or steel.
  • Timber requires less maintenance, because most wood in a timber frame home is in the interior of the home. If you opt for recycled materials, you’ll be boosting your home’s green appeal.
  • Timber has long lasting qualities. With proper design and maintenance, timber wall frames can last for many years. Gosford Frame and Truss can also help in the design process. For example, we can design a modern timber window that can last for up to 50 years with proper maintenance. Added to this the fact is that timber materials have additional protection from insect and fungal damage.
  • Timber can provide your home with adequate insulation, which is important for energy efficiency.
  • Timber use reduces waste, as a timber wall frame construction can be manufactured off site. Thus, this process reduces waste on the job site, which is of great environmental benefit. Another factor is, when produced in a factory, measurement of timber is more precise. This ensures that the waste level can be easily managed.

The timber frame home experts

Gosford Frame and Truss use state of the art processes and experienced craftsmanship to produce high quality products. We have designers and skilled tradesmen, who are happy to provide you with the best timber product at prices that are affordable and reasonable.

If you would like to find out more about our timber wall frames and other structures, please get in touch today. All our timber frame kits are sustainable. We make sure that we meet government legislation and local council regulations. Additionally, our custom design builds are cost effective and easy to erect. We pride ourselves on being one of the best off-site timber frame manufacturers, with our factory facility situated in East Gosford, NSW.

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