A Timber Truss Roof Design guide in Australia

Timber roof trusses being installed on a new development

Timber trusses and frames have a vital role to play in the most modern Australian homes. These crucial elements support the weight of the building, as well as provide surfaces for an extensive range of structure covering technologies.

Whether you have a new home project or building, an extension to your property, you should have the best roof truss design fixed in position.

Gosford Frame and Truss is a local company involved in the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality wall frames and roof trusses that suit today’s building requirements. As an additional part of our service is we offer a free timber roof truss design guide to every owner builder, contractor and engineer working on a building project with us.

We have an experienced team of qualified and specialist engineers, who customise the design of your roof truss, depending on the purpose and usage. We believe and follow the practices of the highest Australian quality standards; in all of our roof truss construction and not compromise the quality of your structure.

Gosford Frame and Truss Roof Trusses

The principal aim of our timber roof truss design guide is to make a design that promotes structural solidity and strength to your home project. At the same time, the design of the truss should allow it to carry the load of the roof, in such a manner that the desired result is efficiently achieved.

We provide dynamic designs, which means that you can take them down anytime and then have them reassembled. You can have them put together and shaped differently too. We use the MiTek development software, for structural timber engineering of our roofing system. This software solution enables our engineers; to provide you with the needed design that incorporate new and advanced methods.

Using the MiTek software allows us to create a detailed framing layout that results in precision end cuts, including the level and angles cuts. This improves the speed of installation, thus preventing delays on the job site, while reducing wastes.

The timber roof truss design guide is the result of a collaboration between our roof truss designers with builders, architects and homeowners. They work together; to turn your ideas and drawings into exactly and accurately engineered roof trusses.

Before we start any design, we will consult with you, so that we can make some recommendations, such as the size of the building, the shape and span of the truss, the number of occupants, how the truss will be supported, the type of ceiling and roof construction. We also need to consider as part of the process some questions that will help us understand some special requirements. We would want the final product to meet your specific needs.

Our design engineers have the ability to read plans, work together as a team and follow the appropriate safety and health practices. They also have expertise in engineering, architecture and building codes, so they are able to draw up plans and estimate the quantity of materials needed and the cost.  

Speak to our engineers; so that you can learn better about how we can put your plans into a well-designed project. For your roof trusses and frames requirement, contact us for a fast quote.

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