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At Gosford Frame and Truss, we have been in the Timber Frame and Truss Industry for over 30 Years.

Our expert team knows how all Timber Frames, Trusses and other Timber structures behave. They can suffer from the harsh effects of the Australian Climate and Environmental conditions.

At Gosford Frame and Truss all of our Timbers are certified. Our prefab Frame and Truss products are designed for strength. They are also able to flex to the weather and other materials. We use the most up to date, cost effective materials and processes.

Our 30+ years of trading, mean the team at Gosford Frame and Truss have helped thousands. We’ve completed builder managed, DIY renovations and owner builder projects. Our experience is invaluable to our clients. We help them save money and solve any problems with their build.

We 100% believe we have the best pre-fabricated timber wall frames and roof trusses on the Central Coast. Why? Because out customers constantly tell us so.

Quality workmanship and great service before and after installation is always crucial. Gosford Frame and Truss on the Central Coast are the team to trust.

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